"THEME: Flexible-Stretchable -Printable Bioelectronics for Wearable Devices"

The Features and Topics Include but not limited to:

    • Unobtrusive bio-sensing;
    • Flexible-Stretchable bioelectronics;
    • Printable bioelectronics;
    • Wearable sensors and devices;
    • Implantable sensors and devices;
    • Drug delivery systems;
    • Bio-Micro/Nano Technologies;
    • Body sensor networks (BSN)/Body area networks (BAN)/body nets;
    • MicoNano-sensing and nano-technologies for bio-marker detection;
    • Multi-modal fast biomedical imaging and processing;
    • Mobile health and telemedicine technologies;
    • Blood plaque characterization;
    • Monitoring of vulnerable patients with cardiovascular diseases;
    • Health informatics and information fusion;
    • Big health data;
    • Applications in cardiovascular diseases and other major diseases.

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