Paper Submission

Manuscript Requirements

Manuscripts for ICBHI 2015 will ONLY be accepted in electronic format through the web-based paper online submission system. Do not send hardcopy of your paper. If you are unable to submit your contribution electronically, please contact us at

  • Only PDF files will be accepted.
  • The page size of your submission must be US Letter.
  • Please limit your paper within 4 pages, and the size of your PDF file less than 2MB, files larger than 2MB will not be accepted for upload.
  • All fonts must be embedded in the file.
  • Fonts that require non-English language support are not allowed.
  • Two-column format in the IEEE style is required for final submissions and recommended for initial submissions.
  • The document margins must satisfy the printer's requirements.
  • The document should not have any password protection.

Templates Download

Templates of Microsoft Word Format are as follows:

If you would like to use LATEX format templates, please refer to the TEX/LATEX Related Topics on EMBS website.

*Please do not submit you paper again if you already submitted your paper to Miss Yuan, Shanshan's email and got her reply.

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